SW-25026 - USA (Virginia) - RFI for Federal Acknowledgement Modernization System - Deadline June 19,2019

Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID: SW-25026

Government Authority located in Virginia; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for federal acknowledgement modernization system.

[A] Budget: Looking for proposal

[B] Scope of Service:

(1) Vendor needs to provide federal acknowledgement modernization system.
1. Document Management System with indexing: Each acknowledgment case requires the building of an administrative record that, on average, contains 15,000 documents (70,000 pages). Larger cases contain 25,000 documents (120,000 pages). Document Management System (DMS) must store digital images of documents and digital audio files and, for each file, a broad range of metadata or bibliographic data. DMS must provide robust querying and reporting capabilities. DMS should allow users to “link” related documents. Authorized users should be able to add notations to document metadata. Documents should be segregable by acknowledgment case.
2 (CSV) and extensible mark-up language (XML). DMS must be able to import documents and document metadata from legacy system (predominantly 1-bit TIFFs, PDFs, and JPGs for image files, metadata is relational data tables in MS-Access format). All data must reside in a secured architecture.
2. Online Document Library: In order to increase transparency and timeliness, OFA wishes to explore solutions that would allow public to view documents related to the Federal acknowledgment process.
3. Digitize Existing Paper Documents: There are file rooms of past acknowledgment cases and other documents needs to be digitized, indexed, and tagged with appropriate
metadata. Pending further review, it is estimated that there are between 1,500 and 2,500 banker’s boxes of documents (3 million – 5 million pages) that should be digitized. Most
documents are letter-sized, a fraction of a percent will be of non-standard size. Some documents will need to be unclipped, unstapled, and otherwise prepared for scanning.
4. Dates Tracking: Throughout the processing of a petition, various parties will add documents to the administrative record for the case, or review or modify documents in
the administrative record. Document metadata should record these dates as part of document metadata.
5. Workflow: A new workflow must be designed to accommodate the new regulations, which contain a series of stages that are open-ended in duration. The workflow must
accommodate input from multiple users in multiple Department of Interior offices. User access to documents and metadata must be controllable according to robustly
configurable user access privileges. The systems should be able to add, delete, and modify metadata and documents at any stage of the process, via manual processes, batch
processing, command statements, or equivalent. Additionally, the DMS must be able to import documents and metadata from the Online Customer Portal (see below).
6. Genealogy Software: The regulations require that petitioning groups demonstrate that their membership descends from a historical Indian tribe, usually from some point in the
19th century. Some acknowledgment petitions have included genealogy databases with tens of thousands of individuals, although many petitioners submit genealogy databases
with fewer individuals in it. Genealogy software should be configurable allow individuals to have multiple customizable properties or attributes and queryable as such.
Software should also be able to perform ancestry-based and descent-basted traversals and perform queries based on “sets,” “views,” or on the results of other queries. All data
must reside in a secured architecture.
7. Online Customer Portal (OCP): The revised acknowledgment regulations require many documents from each acknowledgment case to be accessible via the web. Some cases
may require the posting of hundreds of documents. Users should be able to query, filter, and sort based on document metadata. Documents, metadata, and query results should be
viewable online and downloadable to local machines. Additionally, it is envisioned that all parties participating in this process will be
submitting their documents via this Online Customer Portal (OCP). The OCP must be able to accept standard image file formats, standard audio file formats, standard video file
formats, text files, and PDF documents. All submitters should be assigned a unique user ID and secure login. Submitters will be allowed to tag their uploaded documents with
appropriate metadata. Furthermore, the OCP should tag all uploaded documents with metadata linking the submitted material to the submitter, phase of process, date, time, and
other appropriate information. All incoming data must immediately go to a secure database where it can be reviewed by OFA and, if needed, redacted as appropriate before
being accessible to the public and other parties via the web portal. Due to privacy and PII concerns, many of the documents available for public viewing
will contain redactions. For privacy reasons, the backend database

[C] Eligibility:

Onshore (USA Only)

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office premises.

Expiry Date : Wednesday, 19 June, 2019

Category : Software, System and Application

Country : USA

State : Virginia

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