TRANSPORT-4244 - USA (Florida) - Charter Bus Services - Deadline March 23,2021

Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID: TRANSPORT-4244

Government Authority located in Florida; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for charter bus services.

[A] Budget: Looking for Proposals

[B] Scope of Service:

Vendor needs to provide charter bus services for in and out of county trips on an as needed basis to the government authority located in Florida.
A. Trip Requirements:
- Trips that exceed four (4) hours, but no more than eight (8) hours, will be allowed to drop passengers off and return 1 hour prior to the scheduled pickup time if the vehicle does not travel more than fifty (50) miles from the drop‐off point. Vehicles MUST remain with the passengers on extended trips of ten (10) hours or more or on trips beyond a one‐hundred fifty (150) mile radius of the vendor’s nearest depot or station.
- Food and drinks must be allowed on the bus.
- Unless otherwise instructed by the district site group leader, the vendor must take the most direct and expedient route possible to the destination. All road and bridge tolls, fuel surcharges, trip charges, transfer rates, tolls, and parking fees, etc. are the responsibility of the vendor. The District will not pay for any additional fees.
- On all overnight trips, the Vendor must plot the trip from the district site to the destination point. This includes developing clear and precise directions and route itineraries for each driver in usable form and must provide at least one copy to the district site.
- The District will pay for driver’s hotel expense. Driver MUST stay on the same premises as students.
Any extra driver is at the expense of the vendor, including out of state trips.
- Drivers will be responsible for their own meals.
B. Trip Delays:
- In the event of any incident or delay, the vendor must immediately contact the district site administrator.
- If a trip is late due to the fault of the vendor, such as poor scheduling, mechanical interruptions, or any other reason and causes 25% or more of the trip to be missed, a late arrival fee of $150 will be credited to the District against the cost of the charter fee.
- If the trip is connected to a performance and 25% or more is missed due to the fault of the vendor, the vendor will credit the District a late arrival fee of $150, plus credit 50% of charter fee for each charter bus, and reimburse any other costs incurred by the District, including and not limited to, registration fees, attendance fees, etc.
- If extra food or lodging becomes necessary due to breakdowns or mechanical problems, or the
vendor(s) inability to perform the service, the vendor will be liable for all cost associated with any
extra accommodations required for students and staff.
C. Bus/Vehicle Requirements:
- All buses, regardless of passenger capability, must be 2005 models or newer. Prices quoted are strictly for this range only. Older models ARE NOT acceptable.
- Vendor must maintain a Vehicle fleet list for each vehicle to include:
o Vehicle VIN
o Age
o Style
o Model
o Capacity
- Any fleet changes must be provided to the District.
- All vehicles used in the execution of this bid must be routinely inspected and properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggested standards and state and federal regulations.

[C] Eligibility:

- Onshore (USA Organization Only);

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office location.

Expiry Date : Tuesday, 23 March, 2021

Category : Transportation Services

Country : USA

State : Florida

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