NET-5172 - USA (California) - Access Broadband Organization and Business Plan Services - Deadline October 11,2021

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Government Authority located in California; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for access broadband organization and business plan services.

[A] Budget: Looking for Proposal

[B] Scope of Service:

(1) Vendor needs to provide access sonoma broadband organization and business plan services to analyze, identify and recommend the optimal governance structure to create a new publicly governed organization that has the ability to deploy, own, and manage broadband infrastructure and services and must also include services to create a viable business plan for the governance structure to adopt as it formalizes and begins operations to the government authority located in California.
- The county seeks the services of a qualified consultant that can identify and recommend governance structures for a publicly governed broadband entity to improve the efficiency and efficacy in deployment of broadband infrastructure and services throughout county, including within the nine incorporated cities.
- Review, analyze, and integrate existing resources from past and current broadband initiatives that have been developed by the nine incorporated cities and the county, including: broadband plans, broadband surveys and data, telecommunications assets, county sponsored broadband entities, and current programs or initiatives, broadband expenditures, staffing, etc.
- Conduct stakeholder outreach and engagement to understand historical efforts and regional priorities, and identify opportunities for progress, including: develop a stakeholder outreach and engagement plan in consultation with the county, engaging and interviewing potential partners and other broadband stakeholders, creating a technical advisory committee, including industry experts, local jurisdictions and others, and identifying opportunities for cross-county and statewide collaboration.
Research and analyze new and existing governance structures to identify an optimal structure for the broadband entity, which includes:
- Facilitating technical advisory committee meetings to discuss project development, governance structure review process, and scoring methodologies.
- Determining the best practices used by other public agencies that deploy regional infrastructure, including public organizations responsible for broadband infrastructure deployment and access programs, associated funding mechanisms, and their program success.
- Analyzing existing high-functioning multi-jurisdictional organizations in county such as county clean power and the county transportation authority to determine critical success factors.
- Analyzing pros, cons, and risks of governance structures, and cross-referenced using matrices or other comparison methods.
- Determine how various structures align with state and federal broadband infrastructure funding criteria to ensure funding eligibility.
- Analyzing operational requirements for each governance structure with examples. This should include but is not limited to staffing, oversight, start-up costs, opportunities for funding and cost shares, the terms of participation for entities.
- Identify the necessary steps to create the proposed governance structures, including identifying the steps to formalize the proposed entities in compliance with all local, state, and federal legal requirements.
- Identifying opportunities to optimize current broadband funding, programs, and policies in place and adopted by participating jurisdictions under the proposed structures.
Recommend a governance structure for the broadband entity based on key findings, including support from participating agencies, to recommend to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for approval, which includes:
- Completing a final report with recommended governance structures for the broadband entity, as well as identifying priority areas for further in-depth analysis.
- Work with staff to reach out to representatives from each of the nine incorporated cities to collect feedback on the governance options. Collate comments from cities to deliver to the Board of Supervisors for their consideration.
- Developing material required for Board of Supervisors meeting presentations.
- Developing next steps based on feedback from the board of supervisors.
- Financial analysis for the broadband entity to sustain capital and operating expenditures associated with network deployment, operation, and maintenance. this should be presented in the format of a five-year forecast and include: costs related to staffing, administration and overhead, organization costs and resources required to administer the broadband entity, broadband network lease revenue, cost savings on leased circuits, and other cash flow and revenue opportunities, funding sources that support capital and operating expenditures, and identify required or potential costs to participating agencies to support the new governance model.
- High level broadband network deployment strategy that includes: analyzing existing data on county, city, and privately owned broadband assets, using existing data to ident

[C] Eligibility:

- Onshore (US Organization Only);

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite.

Expiry Date : Monday, 11 October, 2021

Question Answer Deadline : Monday, 20 September, 2021

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Country : USA

State : California

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